How do I use SNOObie as an OK-to-Wake sleep trainer?

OK-to-wake clocks help early risers (especially those who are too young to understand time) know when they can get out of bed. For example, if you’d like your tyke to stay in bed until 7 am, set a morning routine where SNOObie’s green light shines at 7 am. Another option: Set one routine where a yellow light shines at 6:45 am to signal that your tot can play quietly in their room and another routine where a green light shines at 7 am to signal that your tot can leave their room. 

How to set a Rise & Shine Routine:

  1. Open the Happiest Baby App.
  2. Tap “Add Routine.”
  3. Name your routine (for example: “Lola’s Wakeup”).
  4. Pick the time that you’d like your child to stay in bed until and the days that you’d like to use your routine (example: 7 am, M-F).
  5. Choose your light color (we like green!) and soundtrack (we like a SNOObie song like Brahms’ Lullaby!).
  6. Save your routine. Once you hit “Save” you’ll get a message that your SNOObie is “Ready to Scan.”
  7. Make sure SNOObie is on. Tap your phone to SNOObie’s left side to update your routine. 


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