Can I ask Siri to command my SNOO?

Yes! Parents can now ask Siri on their iOS device to command SNOO with the following actions:

  • Turn On SNOO
  • Turn Off SNOO
  • Level Up SNOO 
  • Level Down SNOO
  • Level Lock SNOO
  • Check on Baby’s SNOO Status

In order to set up this feature, make sure Siri is activated for your iOS device & the Shortcuts app is available. To set the commands, follow the below steps: 

  1. Open your Shortcuts App
  2. Head to Gallery > scroll until you see Shortcuts from Your Apps
  3. Tap the blue + icon next to the SNOO App or See All to find the SNOO App icon
  4. Under SNOO, click the blue+ to add the desired command
  5. You are able to rename the verbal command or keep as is!
  6. Click Add to Siri & repeat separately for the other commands

IMG_3869.PNG  IMG_3871.PNGIMG_3872.PNG  IMG_3870.PNG

Now when your hands are full, simply say “Hey Siri, Turn on SNOO” and SNOO will magically start!

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