Why is my SNOO still going past level 2 with Motion Limiter on?

Motion Limiter is one of our most popular features. It lets SNOO respond to any fussing with increased rocking and sound, but it prevents the motion from going above Level 2 (Green). Do not get fooled, however, even though the motion will not go any higher the calming white noise does get stronger - going through all levels.

If you have engaged the Motion Limiter and you think it may not be working, these 2 tips may help:

  1. Turn off motion limiter - unplug SNOO and then plug it in again  - go to Settings and under Modes turn on Motion Limiter. Did this work? Yay!
  2. Take a closer look. Is the motion really going past Level 2? Some parents hear the sound get louder and see the color change on their app and assume the motion is going up, too. But, in most cases, it is only the sound and color-changing, the motion is not increasing past level 2.

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