What sizes does Sleepea come in?

Our 5-second Sleepea swaddles come in 3 sizes:

  • Small: for babies between 5-12 lbs. (2.5-5.4kg)
    • Swaddle dimensions 20.5" x 12" (52x32cm)
  • Medium: for babies between 12-18 lbs. (5.4-8kg)
    • Swaddle dimensions 23x13" (59x33cm)
  • Large: for babies between -26 lbs. (8-11.8kg)
    • Swaddle dimensions 25"x13" (64x33cm)

Please Note: Don’t worry if your baby’s feet can touch the bottom of the sack. That keeps the legs slightly bent, which aids in developing hips. Sleepea's are also NOT intended for use inside the SNOO.

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