Why does SNOObie’s volume automatically lower when taken off the charging dock?

SNOObie’s volume automatically lowers when you take SNOObie off the charging dock (in case your toddler decides to snuggle up with SNOObie against their ear). 

With SNOObies labeled with version “V17” or higher, you have the option to turn this feature off in the App—perfect for those times you bring SNOObie on-the-go, but want to be able to use its full range of volume. To modify these settings…

  1. Tap the Profile icon at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen 
  2. Select your SNOObie
  3. Toggle OFF Audio Limiter

Note: If you want to adjust the current volume level, turn the left knob clockwise to increase volume and counterclockwise to decrease volume.

Audio L Off.jpg   SNOObie settings.jpg

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