Does Happiest Baby ship products internationally?

Yes! Currently Happiest Baby can ship SNOO in Australia, the EU, and the United Kingdom. We also have authorized retailers throughout Canada, interested parents can purchase from Amazon Canada, Well.Ca, West Coast Kids, & Indigo or Chapters!

Please keep in mind that Happiest Baby products are intended for use only in the United States, Canada, Australia, European Union, and the United Kingdom. The limited warranty for SNOO is valid only if the product is used and purchased in the intended country of origin. Using SNOO or other Happiest Baby products outside of the US, CAN, AUS, EU, UK, or purchasing it through an unauthorized re-seller automatically voids the limited warranty and any other applicable warranties.

The limited warranty applies to the original purchasers only and is non-transferable. To learn more, please review our Terms and Conditions!



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