My baby’s arms wiggle free by pushing SNOO Sack's inner band up to the top of their chest. How can I keep that from happening?

SNOO Sack’s inner bands and leg flap are specially designed to keep your little one from breaking free and startling themselves awake. Nevertheless, some babies are little Houdinis! They squiggle and squirm and push the inner band up and off the arms…even all the way to the top of the chest.

The good news is that there are a bunch of ways to keep your little escape artist snug and safe:

  1. Check to make sure the flaps are all positioned correctly, that the band is very snugly closed, and the lower edge is covering Baby’s wrists. The leg flap should be securely attached to the arm band. (It’s easier to place your baby on the sleep sack—the shoulders about 2 inches above the neckline—then pull the top of the swaddle up and over your baby’s shoulders.)

  2. Wrap your baby’s arms with a thin cloth…before swaddling.
    • Lay a folded thin blanket on the open SNOO Sack—across the area where the baby’s upper back will rest. Then lay your baby on top of the cloth and swaddle.
    • Fold one side of the blanket over your baby's arm and underneath their body. Repeat on the other side. Securing both of your baby’s arms down at their sides.
    • Now, pull the sack's arm bands across the upper belly—keeping your baby's arms straight at the sides. Make sure the band is snug and covering the wrists.
    • Bring the leg flap up and attach it to the arm band. Zip the swaddle fully closed—top and bottom. (You can find photos of this technique in this blog post on swaddling.)

  3. Try a little freedom.
    • It may be time to see if your baby would be happier with the arms free. Close the inner band around your baby’s chest...leaving the hands outside. This will keep the band from riding up. You can let the arms be snugly held inside the zippered sack or unsnap the armholes and let an arm out. Once your baby is comfortable with one arm out, you can repeat the process with the second arm.

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