What if my baby won't calm or fall asleep in the SNOO?


When newborns start in SNOO, it usually takes about 3-4 days to begin to see the benefits (less fussing and more sleep). Babies older than 6 weeks take a little longer and can typically see an adjusted period of 5-7 days. (Use SNOO for naps and nights…right from the start.) The more your baby uses it, the faster they'll learn...and the better the results will be!

Babies over 1 month of age may need longer to adjust to SNOO. However, if your baby isn’t sleeping better while in SNOO, please contact our Customer Care team. They've helped thousands of babies to sleep great in SNOO. 

With the adjustment period, babies are so unique and have different sleeping preferences. Sometimes with one or two tweaks to their sleeping routine, we can get them on the right track to great sleep.

Check out some of our suggestions below: 

When to Intervene: Pick your baby up if they are not soothing on the higher levels of SNOO. Babies who cry for more than 60 seconds are usually hungry or uncomfortable (even if they fed within the hour!) Your SNOO automatically shuts off after increasing to level 4 for a few minutes with continued crying. Trust your instincts, as sometimes Mom or Dad's presence is all that's needed to calm a fussy baby!

Best Swaddling Practices: Swaddle the arms snuggly down by your baby's side. Babies who are wrapped with their arms up tend to startle and wake up more often. If your baby can sneak their arms free, click this link for helpful hints to prevent this from happening! It can also help to keep your baby swaddled and while still cradling them in your arms play a strong white noise for 10-20 minutes, to help them relax before placing them back in the bed.

Boosting Feedings: Babies (especially young infants) will get hungry at night! Make sure your infant is well fed before going down for bed in SNOO. A full tummy is key to great sleep! Offer a bit more breast milk or formula before bed to minimize wakeups for food. Also, if breastfeeding, alternate breasts every 5-7 minutes to maximize your baby’s intake.

Find the Best Sound + Motion for Baby: Bump up the motion. For some babies, SNOO’s lowest level, blue, is a bit too slow and boring. These babies do best with more sound + motion. Try either level locking on a higher level or increasing SNOO's baseline. Additionally, increase white noise at bedtime. It may seem counterintuitive, but many babies need a pretty loud sound to chill out and fall asleep. Here's how to download Dr. Karp's Soothing Sounds for fussy babies.

Introduce a Paci: Try a Paci at sleep time, as many infants soothe by sucking. If you’re nursing, wait a week or two to make sure the breastfeeding is well established before trying a Paci. If your baby keeps dropping the pacifier, try Dr. Karp’s reverse psychology trick to teach them how to keep it in longer.

Happy Time: If your baby gets upset when placed in SNOO, try giving them short massages (3-5 minutes) in their SNOO…then take them out. Repeat that several times a day—for a few days—to give your baby some happy experiences in the bed and start building a more positive relationship.

Need more help? Tried these tips already? Please click on submit a request for your request to be forwarded to our Customer Care team! We’re there 7 days/week to help you succeed with SNOO! 


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