Can I track other activities besides sleep?

Yes! You can record sleep, feedings, and diaper changes with our Tracker. To add any sleep, nursing, bottle feeding, solids, or diaper change session quickly, tap on the desired shortcut on the Devices screen.


To view all activity details, and check daily and weekly overviews, simply tap on the Tracker icon in the bottom navigation menu (second from the left).

Root Tracker.jpg

At the top of the Tracker screen, you will find Today’s Summary (an overview of today’s tracking data). In the Log screen, you will see the familiar daily log with  a comprehensive overview of sleeping, feeding, and diapers. You can tap on each activity at the bottom of the screen to hide or show that activity. Tapping “Hide Filters” will hide the information bars and only show the log. To show and adjust the filters again, tap Show Filters. The filters apply to both the Daily and Weekly Logs.

Horseshoe Log.jpg  Horseshoe Log - Sleep.jpg

To add a feeding:

  • On the Tracker screen, tap Feeding
  • Tap the ➕ in the upper right corner
  • Choose the type of feeding you want to add (Nursing, Bottle, or Solids)

Feeding Options.jpg

Tip: You can use a timer for  nursing sessions, or add them manually. Track how long Baby nursed, from which side, and see which side you nursed last. 

You can track how much your baby drank with each bottle-feeding session as well as the type of milk (breastmilk or formula).

You can track what and how much your baby ate for solid feedings.

View trends for each type of feeding by switching between the Nursing, Bottle, and Solids tabs and see a summary of all feedings by tapping on the All Data tab at the top right. There you can edit a feeding by tapping on it or delete a feeding by swiping left on it.

Bottle Feeding Weekly.jpg

To add a diaper change:

  • On the Tracker screen, tap Diapers
  • Tap the ➕ in the upper right corner

You can track the time of the diaper change and if the diaper was wet, dirty, or mixed.

Add Diaper.jpg

View diaper trends in the Weekly chart and see a summary of all diaper changes by tapping on All Data at the top right. There you can edit a diaper change by tapping on it or delete a diaper change by swiping left on it.

Diapers Weekly.jpg   Diapers All Data.jpg

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