I have an Eero Wi-Fi® router and I am getting the error “Oops something went wrong.” What should I do?

We’ve identified a issue with Eero routers, where the happiestbaby domain is blocked, leading to SNOO connectivity issues and other networking issues. We are working with Eero on a solution. Meanwhile, if you're Eero plus user, you can resolve this issue by adding happiestbaby.com in the list of allowed sites, as explained here

If you are still experiencing the issue, some users have succeeded by creating a guest network and updating SNOO’s Wi-Fi® network in the Happiest Baby App.

To create a guest network:

  • Open the Eero application on your mobile device. Tap Settings in the icon menu.
  • Select Guest Access from the menu and toggle Guest Network ON.
  • The app will automatically create a guest network by taking your main network name and adding “Guest” to it. A password will also auto-generate.
  • Return to the Happiest Baby app and connect your SNOO with the “Guest” network you created.

We hope this information helps!

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