Can I use SNOO with my newborn?

Yes! We recommend using SNOO from birth. The very concept of SNOO is to give babies 6 months of womb-like rhythms to quickly improve their sleep and to help them be calmer...happier! In fact, SNOO is preset to our special Motion Limiter setting. That is the perfect setting for newborns and young babies. This setting allows SNOO to quickly respond to fussing using all of its incrementally increasing sounds, but it limits the movement responses to the lowest 3 rocking motions.

With Motion Limiter on, you will notice—when your baby is crying—SNOO sounds will increase to Levels 3 or 4, but the rocking will never increase past Level 2. (Your App screen will stay green indicating the motion is still on Level 2).

Many babies never need the faster, jiggly motions to help calm crying...and some babies clearly prefer slow rocking. For that reason, many parents keep the Motion Limiter setting on for up to 6 months. To engage or disengage Motion Limiter...

  1. Head to the Profile icon (at the bottom of your screen)
  2. Click on your SNOO Settings / Modes category, toggle on/off Motion Limiter
  3. With Motion Limiter on you will notice when the SNOOlevels up past Level 2 to Levels 3 or 4, your App screen will stay green indicating the motion is still on Level 2

Motion Limiter Settings.jpg  IMG_7976.jpg

The App will send you a special reminder—after a few weeks—that you can choose to turn off the Motion Limiter, if you wish to try out the higher levels of motion for better baby soothing. If your baby was born prematurely, be sure to toggle on Preemie and enter how many weeks early they arrived. 

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