What is the difference between the new Happiest Baby App and the previous SNOO App?

Please make sure you have the latest version of the App. The latest is always available from the Apple® App Store or Google Play®

Our previous SNOO App only supports one SNOO, whereas our Happiest Baby App supports all smart products, including our SNOObie Smart Soother. The Happiest Baby App also has updates:

  • Seamless SNOO pairing experience
  • Device accessibility improvements
  • Dark Mode
  • Account Sharing via QR code to easily give other caregivers access to your SNOO, like your partner
  • Manually add and record sleep sessions (for sleeps outside of SNOO), feeding sessions and diaper changes with the Tracker feature
  • Delete SNOO sessions (if you take your baby out of SNOO without disengaging the safety clips)
  • Manage multiple baby profiles in one account
  • Manage multiple SNOOs assigned to one baby profile
  • Timeline with Sleep Tips and other useful content based on your baby’s age

If you already have a SNOO App account, just download the Happiest Baby App and log in with the same credentials. If you already paired SNOO to the SNOO App, you’ll find it in Devices—the home screen of the Happiest Baby App.

If you create an account in the Happiest Baby App, you won’t be able to login with the same credentials in the SNOO App as we are migrating to the Happiest Baby App for an improved experience.

Note: a SNOO can only be paired to one account.

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