Is SNOObie responsive?

While SNOObie is not responsive…it’s by design! SNOObie is ultra-portable, so that means the distance between SNOObie and your little one can constantly change. That flexibility is great for you and you bub, but it makes accurate responsiveness more difficult. After all, we wouldn’t want SNOObie to detect and respond to all external noises! So, while SNOObie is not responsive, it is customizable. SNOObie allows parents to manually select the sounds and lights that work best for their family—and schedule their favorite cues in advance using the Happiest Baby App.

If you’re looking for a responsive white noise product, consider SNOO Smart Sleeper for newborns to 6 month olds, which automatically responds to crying with soothing sound + motion, and SNOObear, which plays white noise for 30 to 60 minutes then “pays attention” for 3 more hours, ready to start up again if your bub starts to fuss. In general, once babies graduate from SNOO at 6 months old, they have learned to self-soothe and may not need the responsiveness that a responsive white noise machine provides. However, most parents find that white noise is very useful for maintaining good sleep throughout the toddler years and beyond.

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