Which Happiest Baby App features do parents love the most?

The Happiest Baby App makes your SNOO experience even more fun!

  • It lets you customize SNOO to your baby’s preferences…for less crying and more sleep!
  • You can control SNOO (and take a peek at how your baby is sleeping) from anywhere.
  • When your baby’s sleep hits a rough patch, you can boost the motion/sound to quickly get back on track. (Contact our sleep consultants by clicking on submit a request for your request to be forwarded to our Customer Care team! We’re here to help…7 days a week!)

If you don’t have the App already, download it today from the Apple® App Store or Google Play®.

Here’s a rundown of our most popular features:

Motion Limiter – For babies who don’t need or like too much jiggling.

Most newborns don’t need much motion. So, we recommend trying Motion Limiter setting on for the first month of your baby’s life. (It allows SNOO to respond to cries with increasing sound—all the way to the highest level if needed—but limits motion to just moderate rocking.)

Level Lock – Improves sleep if your baby wakes too often.

Baby sleep is a rollercoaster! Better for a few weeks, then zooming down into chaos when your baby struggles with a stuffy nose, teething, growth spurt, or sleep regression. Parents are often told to take the baby for a car ride, but locking does the same thing, without you ever leaving your bed. To turn on this feature, raise SNOO’s level to Purple (Level 1) or Green (Level 2) and tap the Lock icon below the Play/Pause button. You should see the icon lock itself meaning it’s engaged! 

Sleepytime Sounds –  Lull your baby to sleep or wake gently with SNOO’s soothing white noise.

This feature is perfect for when you need a soothing white noise environment when transitioning your baby to bed, giving a feed, or simply calming your newborn down. When Sleepytime Sounds is enabled, SNOO will act as a white noise machine to help lull your little one during bedtime routines or to ease wake-ups after a SNOO session.

Car Ride Mode  –  SNOO’s slow rocking will add a slight, little jiggle every so often on a level you chose as the starting. Think of it like the occasional bounce that babies feel during a car ride!

Motion Start Level – For babies who sleep better with higher motion and sound.

Most babies sleep great on SNOO's baseline level (Blue), but many sleep better with a bit more motion + sound…all night long! Increasing the baseline to Level 1 (Purple) or Level 2 (Green) all night for a few weeks can often get the baby back into a better sleeping pattern if they are dealing with the regression or even a little stuffy nose. With this feature, SNOO's motion will start on your desired level (1 or 2) and level back down to Level 1 or 2.

Responsiveness – Makes SNOO more sensitive to soft cries or less sensitive to loud grunts.

You can increase or decrease the responsiveness if SNOO is reacting too fast or too slow to mild fussing, even snorts or sneeze sounds.

Sleep Log – Automatically tracks and displays your baby’s 24/7 sleep.

You’ll love these cool daily and weekly overview displays. Fun to share!

Weaning – The easy way to help your baby transition to a crib.

This setting lets sound continue all night—but only allows motion if your baby cries—to help your baby prepare to move to a crib. Most babies are ready to start weaning off of the rocking by 5-6 months.

Volume – Easily adjust to the white noise volume  for peaceful nights

With the Volume feature, you can control SNOO's volume on Blue-Baseline and levels 1-4. For fussy babies, we recommend increasing the volume to help soothe them back to a deep slumber.

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