How can I use the Happiest Baby App with twins or multiples?

Please make sure you have the latest version of the App. The latest is always available from the Apple® App Store or Google Play®

Having twins or triplets? You can now add and manage multiple babies in a single account, a long awaited feature for all parents of multiples, who so desperately need all the support SNOO provides.

Our support for multiple babies enables you to:

  • add baby profiles and SNOOs for each baby,
  • switch between them with a simple tap,
  • track sleep patterns and customize SNOOs for each baby. 

To add multiple baby profiles just:

  • Tap on the Baby Selector
  • Press Add Baby Profile
  • Enter Baby’s info in the Create Baby Profile screen
  • Press Add Baby Profile button

1 (1).jpg

To switch between babies:

  • Tap on the Baby Selector
  • Tap on a Baby Profile 

Profile 1.jpg

Now you are able to:

  • Manage devices for that baby from the Devices screen 
  • Track the chosen baby sleep patterns in the Sleep Log
  • Manage Profile settings (devices’ settings, baby profile, and more)

SNOO settings 2 MB.jpg

*Certain features and access are exclusive to the Premium Subscription of the App.

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