Can I disable SNOO's Wi-Fi®?

Yes! SNOO was designed to give babies all of SNOO's wonderful sleep and safety benefits without needing to connect to a wireless network. Most parents still choose to keep their SNOO connected because it gives them even more SNOO benefits, like:

  1. Changing settings (Motion Limiter, Weaning Mode, Volume, and more!)
  2. Getting your baby's daily sleep report
  3. Monitoring & controlling SNOO remotely

However, if you prefer to disable SNOO’s Wi-Fi®, simply click out the Wi-Fi® Button. That button is found underneath SNOO, on the same side of the bed as the Power Button (the one you press to turn the bed on and off). The Wi-Fi® Button is the smaller of the two buttons and can be turned off by pressing it so that it pops out.


Please Note: You will know your Wi-Fi® is off because you will no longer be able to change SNOO levels or settings from your mobile device.

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