How do I use SNOO?

It’s easy! Just follow these steps:

Step 1: Swaddle your baby in SNOO Sleep Sack.   

  • Open the sack and inner bands and lay your baby down with their shoulders 2-3” higher than the neckline of the sack.
  • Straighten each arm and snugly pull and secure the inner arm bands across your baby’s chest. The bottom edge should cover most of your baby’s hands, leaving just their fingers exposed. (If the band is too high the sack may ride up onto your little one’s chin.) Next, secure the leg flap.
  • Now, tug the top of SNOO Sleep Sack up and over each shoulder and fully zip the sack. (The neckline should be well below your child’s chin.)  For more detailed instructions, check out our how-to video.

Step 2: Place baby in SNOO

  • When you lay your baby in SNOO, make sure their feet are at the end nearest to the power button.
  • Notice that SNOO Sleep Sack features wings with a loop on each side. Slide the loops onto SNOO’s safety clips on each side of the platform. Do this every time your baby is in the bassinet, whether SNOO is on or off. 

Step 3: Turn on SNOO

  • Press the activity button on the front of SNOO. The button will blink white for about a minute as SNOO’s computer “boots up.” Once it stops blinking, push the button again. This time, the light will turn blue and SNOO will turn on. (If the light won’t stop blinking or  SNOO won’t turn on, that usually means that the wing loops are not completely secured onto the safety clips.)
  • SNOO will start gently rocking and playing white noise.
  • When your baby fusses, SNOO will wait a few seconds before responding to allow your baby to self-soothe. If crying continues, SNOO’s gentle rocking gets slightly faster and the white noise gets a bit louder. The bed will move through 4 levels of increased sound and motion until your baby’s fussing stops—or SNOO automatically stops. SNOO is designed to “time out” after a couple of minutes of continued crying, indicating that your baby likely needs a change, a feed, or extra comfort. 

Step 4: Customize your SNOO experience 

  • Another way to increase SNOO’s level of sound and motion is to push the activity button for several seconds. As you continue to push, the button will change color and SNOO will advance to the next level of sound and motion. You can repeat this until SNOO reaches the fourth and highest level (orange/pink). You can also increase SNOO’s sound and motion with SNOO’s mobile app.
  • To reduce SNOO’s level of activity, use SNOO’s mobile app. Alternatively, you can simply wait and SNOO will gradually reduce its sound and motion over the next 5-10 minutes. To stop SNOO, simply push the activity button once. 

Note: SNOO usually calms fussing within 60 seconds…and if it does not, then it’ll automatically shut off after a couple of minutes of crying. So, if your baby fusses for longer than a minute you can assume your little one needs a feeding, a diaper change, a cuddle...or something else.

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