How do I convert my Lola Crib to a toddler bed?

The Lola Crib is a snap to convert to a toddler bed! You can download the full instructions at the bottom of the article, but to summarize:

  • Make sure the mattress spring is on the lowest level.
  • Lay the Lola Crib on its back (not upside down) and unscrew the eight bolts and washers that hold the footboard to the corner posts and crib frame. (Leave the dowels that are in the frame alone.)
  • Hang the toddler rail on the dowels and crib frame. 
  • Use the bolts and washers you just removed to secure the toddler rail onto the frame and corner posts.
  • Once the toddler rail is on, tip the Lola Crib back on its feet.
  • Drop the mattress into place, put on a washed crib sheet, and welcome the ZZZs! 
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